Walk for Hope 2016 Results

What a day!

Hurricane Matthew swept clear of Raleigh just hours before our Race for Steak 10K runners took their marks at the starting line. The day dawned clear and sunny, with only a crisp breeze to remind us that we’d dodged a storm.

We realize that many of you, stuck behind downed trees or in houses without power, weren’t able to make it out on Sunday. We missed you, and hope any lingering effects of the storm have been resolved or will be soon! Despite the difficulties posed by the weather, still had an immense turnout; we are deeply grateful that so many of you came to walk, run, and celebrate with us.

We’re still tallying our attendance and how much we raised. We’ll release those numbers as soon as we have them—we know many of you are curious.

In the meantime, we’re delighted to share the names of our top fundraisers, our fastest Race for Steak runners, and the winners of our various contests!

Walk for Hope Top Fundraisers


Top 10 Individuals

  1. Christopher Murray: $7,519
  2. Rebecca Brenner: $7,476
  3. David Hansquine: $6,939
  4. Louise Fisher: $6,235
  5. Tina Labunski: $6,035
  6. David Boney: $5,379
  7. Laura Walker: $4,735
  8. Debbie Vick: $4,225
  9. Geoffrey Gershaw: $3,329
  10. Annie Frances Reece: $2,415
    Total: $54,287

Top 3 Teams

  1. 1,000 Friends of Hope: $13,119
  2. UNC Psychiatry: $9,399
  3. The Zippers: $8,704
    Total: $31,222


Race for Steak Top Runners

For complete race results, visit our page at It’s Your Race.

10K Female

  1. Laura Meares: 48:18.7
  2. Christie Brugh: 48:34.5
  3. Suzanne Maronee: 50:11.9

10K Male

  1. Dwayne Dixon: 36:05.8
  2. Jonathon Smith: 38:03.7
  3. Will Manion: 38.59.8

5K Female

  1. Nathan Hirscher: 20:53.9
  2. Patrick Strickland: 21:28.9
  3. Hayes Belk: 21:37.1

5K Male

  1. Libby Lipetzky: 22:09.6
  2. Elizabeth Renaud: 24:09.9
  3. Elizabeth Cotter: 24:48.3


Prize Winners



  1. First Prize: Daunita Adesuyi
  2. Second Prize: Colleen Marshall
  3. Third Prize: LaGretchen Batts

Guess the T-Shirt Color Contest

  1. First Prize: Tony Harris
  2. Second Prize: Merry Maguire Bushman