Our Mission

Mental illness is our fight.Why I Walk Banner
Mental wellness is our goal.

The Foundation of Hope promotes scientific research aimed at discovering the causes and potential cures for mental illness in order to develop a more effective means of treatment. We are committed to raising community awareness and supporting effective treatment programs.

The Foundation provides financial support for ongoing and new research and treatment, as well as the development of researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, its affiliated psychiatric institutions, and local mental health agencies.


 Our Vision

With nearly 30 years of providing financial support for ongoing and new research and treatment for mental illnesses, The Foundation of Hope has sights set on growing community support for people impacted by mental illness.

We seek to make a far-reaching impact in mental health, taking the support from the Triangle and extending it to become known as a leading champion of mental health research and community programs. We seek to educate our volunteers and donors on the impact of their involvement and have a more evident presence, in our own community and beyond.  Within the next five years, we seek to become a million-dollar foundation, through diversification of funding resources and expanding our donor base, with the ultimate goal of growing our impact on worthwhile research projects and community initiatives.