Walk Hope

How the Walk Began...

The Foundation of Hope was established in 1984, through Thad and Alice Eure's commitment to find cures for mental illness. The Foundation of Hope for Research and Treatment of Mental Illness is a non-profit philanthropic organization dedicated to funding breakthroughs in the treatment of mental illness.

After Thad Eure's death in 1988, his employees of the Angus Barn, Fat Daddy's Restaurant and 42nd Street Oyster Bar decided to honor his memory by raising money for the Foundation of Hope. They called their fund raising event The Thad Eure, Jr. Walk for Hope. The participants walked 12 miles from Eure's first restaurant, The Angus Barn to his, last the 42nd Street Oyster Bar. That first event saw 200 participants and raised $35,000 for the Foundation. Those employees never dreamed that the event would be so successful, that it would become an annual community event and the Foundation's only annual fund-raiser. The Walk for Hope is the country's only annual community walk raising funds for research and treatment of mental illness.

To date, The Foundation of Hope has given over $3.4 million in ongoing and new research, treatment and the development of researchers through the University of North Carolina and its affiliated program. This "seed money" has leveraged over $100 million in National Institutes of Mental Health funds. If you would like more information regarding the studies that have been funded, please contact The Foundation of Hope office at 919-781-9255.

Please join us on October 13th, 2013 and become part of the Hope.
You can make a difference...and remember

Walking together we ARE the HOPE!

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